WHERE DO GREAT IDEAS COME FROM? Meet The Minds That Make The Magic Happen

  • Matt Goddard Headshot

    Prefers to be the dumbest one in the room.

    Matt Goddard


  • Chris Chodnicki Headshot

    "Stands around" at his working desk. Has a dog named Hendricks, named for his fave Gin.

    Chris Chodnicki

    Executive Director  
    Strategic Partnerships

  • David Taub Headshot

    Was always asked to design sports team shirts, not to join the team.

    David Taub

    Managing Director

  • Jody Stoehr Headshot

    Likes to start every day with Namaste.

    Jody Stoehr

    Managing Director 

  • Dan Williams Headshot

    Once swam with crocodiles. Only once.

    Dan Williams

    SVP Business Development

  • Nick Christy Headshot

    Will travel anywhere for clients (and air miles!).

    Nick Christy

    SVP Enterprise Technology

  • Charlie Northend Headshot

    Be reasonable. Do it my way.

    Charlie Northend

    VP Strategy and Creative

  • Eric Mackenzie Headshot

    Jumps out of perfectly good airplanes.

    Eric Mackenzie

    VP Technology

  • Lindsay McGettigan Headshot

    Swears by the 4 Ps: pink, planning, polished, and performance.

    Lindsay McGettigan

    VP Digital Strategy 

  • Sarah Hampton Headshot

    Has an (honorary) PhD in problem-solving.

    Sarah Hampton

    SVP Operations

  • Cheryl Donaldson Headshot

    Enjoys laughing a lot, because why the heck not?

    Cheryl Donaldson

    VP Client Services, Digital Development

  • Frans Keylard Headshot

    Dances with horses.

    Frans Keylard

    VP Insights and Optimization Strategy

  • Mike Dudley Headshot

    Obsessed with process and industry averages.

    Mike Dudley

    VP Teleservices

  • Mike Jensen Headshot

    Lifelong Seattle guy. Always looking for the perfect Sunset picture. #GoHawks

    Mike Jensen

    VP Account Services

  • Kara Alcamo Headshot

    Addicted to finding and being found, online and in the world.

    Kara Alcamo

    VP, Digital Activation

  • Dana Wagner Headshot

    Loves to inspire and be inspired.

    Dana Wagner

    Creative Director Interactive

  • Lindsey Byroads Headshot

    Started at R2i as an intern many moons ago.

    Lindsey Byroads

    VP Client Services, Digital Activation

  • Jenny Salcedo Headshot

    Firmly believes that positivity breeds more positivity.

    Jenny Salcedo

    VP Client Services, Silicon Valley

  • Steve Hill Headshot

    Really believes brand is everything.

    Steve Hill

    Senior Director Brand Strategy

  • Mike Onalfo Headshot

    Family man and Bay Area sports fan.

    Mike Onalfo

    Director of Data Services

  • Marianne Fromm Headshot

    Fears an office scooter collision is inevitable.

    Marianne Fromm

    Director of Human Resources

  • Natalie Staines Headshot

    Can be found running (miles, events, campaigns...).

    Natalie Staines

    Director of Marketing