• 2014 Marketing Automation Comparison Report

    Marketing Automation is a key piece of technology to deliver personalized content to the right person at the right time. Use this report to compare key features of today's Marketing Automation platforms and to understand which platform will best help you meet your business goals.
  • 2014 WCM Comparison Report

    When it comes to developing an enterprise web presence, there are a number of WCM platforms to choose from in order to meet the goals of your company. R2i has developed the latest edition of its yearly WCM comparison matrix to analyze the unique features of each platform to help guide your research.
  • 2014 Social Community
    Management Comparison

    Organizations have a variety of options when determining how to establish and manage their social communities and they now have access to sophisticated, feature-rich social platforms that allow them to establish, manage, optimize and nurture their community.
  • 2013 Marketing Automation Comparison

    The r2i Marketing Automation Comparison is a research tool that allows you to review standard feature sets available in the top marketing automation platforms.
  • 2013 CMS Comparison Report

    The r2i annual CMS Comparison Report allows professionals to compare nine leading open source and architected CMS platforms and a range of features and functionality and serves as a starting point for businesses evaluating their CMS options.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Only 1.07% of people click on a website’s homepage rotator. Compelling images and strong calls-to-action can increase homepage engagement. Connecting analytics to the campaigns shows if its working.

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