R2i SMASH — Social Media Software

R2iSMASH™ is a social media platform that drives brand engagement by aggregating conversations across social networking sites into one, highly interactive presentation window or microsite. The modular HTML page design is highly customizable to integrate real-time content with existing online branded properties, digital campaigns and cross-channel programs. R2iSMASH™ sites can feature a variety of elements such as live streamed video, Tweets, posts, texts, photos, conversation maps, and blog feeds all aggregated simultaneously, yielding a dynamically changing gallery of content and conversation that attracts online audiences and builds community.

Core features include:

  • Rapid Set-Up & Deployment (one week turnaround)
  • Integration with SMS & Text Messaging
  • User Uploaded Images (including mobile)
  • Real-Time Video Feeds and Video Streaming

Popular uses of r2iSMASH:

  • To help amplify user-generated content
  • At live events to connect in-person and online audience
  • Before, during and after events to generate and build event buzz
  • As speaker profile pages to highlight individual social feeds