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Jun 11 2013 | Social

YouTube One Channel Optimization Strategy

Adam Blake, Marketing Coordinator

Big news this week in the social realm, as YouTube made significant changes to their new page layout entitled YouTube One Channel. The design strips out much of the branded options that previously existed, however still has several custom elements called “Channel Art” that can add individuality to the page. Within the channel art is a responsive banner that expands and contracts across the top of the page depending on the device used. In addition to channel art, YouTube has introduced a trailer video that appears for non-subscribers located in the center of the main page. This new feature is the first way for a brand to make a positive impression to a new visitor. Put your best foot forward, and use your best work to create a long-lasting impact on your user.

Optimize Your Channel

Youtube ChecklistTo start, go through the initial “Channel Setup Checklist” in the top right corner of your page. This checklist will introduce you to the new changes regarding your channel art, and other necessary customization. Comparable to Facebook cover photos, YouTube’s banner image sits on valuable real estate. Ensure that your image reflects your brand voice. A little bird told me that there have been issues with pixilation, and you may experience challenges in the overall uploading of the images no matter which level of resolution is used. For best image quality, use vector images, and be sure to test across several different devices to make sure everything renders appropriately. Find banner specifications here. When choosing a trailer for your page, use similar guidelines to the banner image at the top of the page. What is the best footage that both represents your brand and inspires guests to watch more videos, subscribe to your channel and engage with your content? Why should they view a second video, and why is your channel worth their valuable time? You have a small window of opportunity, so pull together your best resources to deliver a compelling message.

Motivations Unveiled

Like all social channel updates in the past several months, YouTube’s efforts aim to put content as the highlight of the page. By removing all the extra bells and whistles that could be distracting to user engagement in the past, the user now has a noise-free canvas with which to engage.

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Adam Blake

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