DNN Gold Certified Partner

300+ Websites
Launched in DNN

10+ Years of
Open-Source Experience

Named 2013 DNN
Partner of the Quarter

DNN is one of the largest, most successful open source content management systems in the world. With clients ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, DNN uses it robust content management technology (Evoq Content) and social community software (Evoq Social) to create truly modern web experiences for over 750,000+ websites worldwide.

Recognized as one of only a handful of Gold Certified Partners in the industry, r2i has over a decade’s worth of experience in consulting, designing, developing and implementing enterprise-level websites through DNN open source platforms. With over 300+ websites launched, we help brands solve intricate content management needs including optimized user workflows, mobile-friendly and responsive web development and enhanced digital asset management. Our DNN proficiency allows us to look at each of our customers’ needs uniquely and develop web strategies tailored to their business objectives in order to strengthen customer relationships and better manage their online communities.

R2i DNN services include:

  • CMS consultation
  • DNN configuration
  • Web and Intranet development
  • Responsive and optimized mobile design
  • Integration, migration, and deployment
  • Digital and social marketing
2014 WCMS Comparison Report

2014 WCMS Comparison Report

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